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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shower Remodeling Trend In Dallas

Shower Remodeling Trend in Dallas: 

  • Large, Roomy Showers: Dallas Residents like larger Showers, literally. In smaller bathrooms, homeowners are demolishing the tub to expand their showers. Not only the stall is getting larger, it’s getting more roomy.
  • Frameless Glass  Shower: Showers with glass doors are often seen as being more attractive than showers using the traditional and outdated shower curtain and rod. When Remodeling showers, Shower Remodeling companies, replace the enclosures to hinged doors and heavier frameless tempered glass, instead of the sliding framed glass, People want luxury in their bathrooms. They want the spa feel like.” Some homeowners are even taking out partial shower wall or all shower walls entirely, when remodeling their showers 
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Plano, TX Bathroom Remodel
  • Replace plastic pans with tile flooring: Every shower remodeling design needs to have a sense of unity in style, as well as functionality. Shower floor designs are no exception to this rule. The shower floor should compliment the rest of the bathroom design, whether by flowing seamlessly into the rest of the bathroom floor tile, or by providing a design element all its own. When remodeling shower, Shower floors need to slop toward the drain in order to allow water to drain properly.  To create this pitch, while providing a safe surface for standing, mosaic tiles of 2” or pebble stone are typically recommended for the shower floor.
  • Choosing a border tile: When selecting wall tiles we give more thoughts to what tile material we are going to install for our Shower Remodeling project and don’t give much thought to border tiles until the main wall tiles have been selected but in fact border tiles are a really important feature of you shower tile design.  Border tiles can be used in many different ways inside your showers to enhance the look of your newly remodeled shower design and create a nice abundance.

  • Add a shampoo niche: When designing your shower remodel, consider installing a shower niche in the enclosure. Storing your shampoos and soap is easier when you add a beautiful designed niche to the walls.
  • Shower  Fixtures: New trends in shower fixtures no longer consider standard fixtures found in most homes today. New remodeled showers feature attractive and modern fixtures which truly stand out and create a personal space. Faucets that like waterfalls and multi-shower heads are just some of the things people are wanting in bathroom fixtures these days.